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Metropolitan United Church


56 Queen Street East

Toronto, Ontario

Canada M5C 2Z3

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Standard Definition Virtual Tour(2.2 MB)

360 Virtual Tours specializes in natural ambient light photography that requires no use of external lights or flash systems that often knock out / wash out and make pictures look “flat” or 2 dimensional.

Through special HDR (High Dynamic Range) techniques, 360 Virtual Tour’s is able to provide clients with some of the most stunning, high definition, uncompromised natural light photographs that produce beautiful subtle tones and breathtaking highlight / shadow definitions that are not only accurate, but help to convey true space and ambience in ANY environment.

We encourage you to see for yourself by viewing our portfolio of work which can be found and accessed by simply clicking on the image below. Additionally, you may wish to visit http://www.danielsilverphotography.com for some of our most recent Real Estate Photography related work!

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