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360 Virtual Tours provides a full range of professional photographic, marketing and print solution services for; real estate, commercial, retail / tourism and other service based industries. Whether you are looking to sell, rent or show off your property or establishment, 360 Virtual Tours can provide you with professional grade photographic production and top quality expertise to help make that sale or bring that client in!

Through the use of Adobe Flash™ 9/10 as well as HTML 5, 360 Virtual Tours is able to deliver truly immersive and interactive "virtual tours" of properties and establishments, whereby the viewer's can look and navigate throughout rooms a full 360 by 180 degrees in high definition on-line as if being there - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year - all in the comfort of their own homes!

Additionally, we provide photo gallery production and hosting services, as we understand the advantages of photo gallery’s despite the possibilities and features of virtual tours. We recognise the advantages of having a subtle yet controlled view and representation of a room and what this can offer in terms of expression, extenuated aesthetics and most importantly, an overall lasting impression. As a result, we offer photo galleries both as a seperate service and as an included service alongside our virtual tour packages.

For a comprehensive list of features and benefits, please see below.


Every 360 Virtual Tour Package Comes With:
  • Full screen capabilities
  • High Definition capabilities
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) & corrective color enhancements on both the photos and the virtual tour
  • Professional grade, magazine quality digital photos
  • Ambient/background music and voice over capabilities
  • Complementary marketing services to 360 Virtual Tours Facebook™ and Flickr™ fan pages and syndications
  • Promotional marketing services to our website's "Public Tours" showcase (only for public venues, establishment's and/or other services/retail establishments)
  • Comprehensive Google Analytics™ statistics tracking (for tours hosted on our servers)
  • 1 year hosting with unlimited bandwidth
Additional features include:
  • Night time photography (by special request)
  • Custom Design GUI (graphical user interface) and designs
  • Professional scene based voice over's
  • Floor plan implementation, design and navigation